SW3 Adjutancy Corps


The mission of the Adjutancy is to sanctify the Bishop in the eyes of the people, to serve the leader as unto the Lord, and to protect the anointing through prayer and fasting.

"With goodwill doing service, as to the Lord and not to men"  Ephesians 6:7


Elder JoEl Watson, Chief Adjutant
Elder Samuel Duncan IV, Episcopal
Elder Jason Presberry, Assistant Episcopal
Elder James Duell, Scribe
Vacant, Lead Adjutant Sister

Chief Adjutant  JoEl Watson

Chief Adjutant
JoEl Watson


Adjutant Brothers and Sisters


Sister Melissa Angell
Sister Mariyah Black-Watson
Elder Roy Castro
Pastor Charles Coleman
Minister George Copeland
Brother Donald Griffin
Sister Tanya Griffin
Minister John Jefferson


Evangelist Sherri Johnson
Missionary Paulette McCurtis
Sister Kortney Moten
Sister Daphne Shane